Hi! This is Susan here. Livi says she's had a writing block for the last three days when she's tried to get on to her laptop. I caught up with her after her work yesterday, and she asked me if I would like to do a blog entry for her. I said yes! that sounds great, I'd love to! I had been reading her blog recently, and saw that she hadn't made any entries for a few days, so I asked if everything was okay. We went into her living room to sit down beside the marimba and talk, when I saw that there was a huge piece of wood on top of her laptop, so I asked her why it was there. She said it was her writing block.

Well, I'll catch you all up a bit on what Livi has been doing the last few days. She's been working as normal, and also went on a few drives with Mary to clear her head. She says work has been a bit busy lately, so let's all pray for her. Sometimes the grocery store gets pretty busy, she tells me, especially near public holidays and celebrations, and it can be surprisingly physical work in retail. Mary seemed very happy when I talked to her today, because she's getting to go on a drive up to work, back to work, and after work around the outskirts of town every day. She's a good kid, she really is, just very energetic. Livi says I'm allowed to write this.

Well, you know, I've known Livi for a bit less than a year now, and she's a really great person. It was so great when I first met her at church when she came in January! It feels like time has really flown by (like a bird!) since I've known her, it feels like we've been friends for AGES (probably from the dark ages up until the reformation) although I know we haven't really.

Now Livi told me to write a bit about myself. Well, all is going swimmingly! Oh, she says she's already used that pun. Well, I was teaching a little group of kids at the aquatic center today how to do a swan dive. They said to me, should we start with the dolphin dive and then move up? I said no, that would defeat the porpoise. So I taught them how to do it by following my example. We walked up to the high boards, and most of them picked it up pretty well, but some of them... dropped off. Well, it's nice seeing Livi's place after all this time, I didn't know exactly what to expect, but it seems like Livi. I like the soya sauce door handles. Very new wave. It's also pretty convenient I guess if you like soya sauce a lot and keep losing your condiments.

So, how were my puns?

- Susan.