Hi there! This is the dashing Elle here, writing on behalf of Livi, who seems to be taking a few days off from writing. She said it was because of work, but I secretly think she wants us to write and spill some secrets or something that she didn't know before. She's more cunning than you might think. And no, I wasn't referring to her counterpart, Bolivia Sage. Oh boy don't even get me started on that. Then you have Time Girl, Helga, oh gosh the list goes on. Who am I even speaking to when I talk to that yellow-haired woman anymore? But alright, about this blog.

So she calls me the Twelfth. I'm sure you all know why that is since you've been reading all the other entries, but let me fill you in if you're new here and don't know. Basically my name is Elle. So Livi shortens that to L. Then because L is the 12th letter in the alphabet, that's how I get my name. Confused? So are we. Pretty much every time we catch up with her. But don't tell her that. I don't even think she reads this blog herself.

Now, let me tell you a funny story about Livi, since she's more or less given me permission by letting me write here. Do you all remember the game night we had before Mary learned to drive (have a look at #120)? Well that's not the whole story. It gets better after that. You see, we were playing that board game that simulates your life (or apparently). Now after Livi chose a car, she had the choice to either go to university or go straight into a career. That's the two roads, you see. What she did, however, was become a farmer. I didn't even know that was possible. But she picked up on this weird obscure rule, "whichever road you take at the start of the game, you must continue on." Now let me back up a bit. On the board, there are all these illustrations of green fields and pastures that make up the background between the roads you travel on. But one of these illustrations had a tiny dirt road on it. Now she took this road, and drove off into the illustrations. When we asked her, she pointed out this rule. "Well, technically I guess..." I remember Susan saying. Livi plays board games by the letter of the law, and by the spirit of comedy.

Anyhow, so as she became a farmer, we all went on with our normal jobs. Now the pizza man came, rang the door and we let him in. The problem was that Livi tried to help him bring the pizza boxes in. Um, how do I say it? There was a chess piece she stepped on, then rolled onto Susan's dog, tried to steady herself by grabbing the tablecloth, and well, the upshot of it was that she could play monopoly with the things she found in her hair, and also Susan's dog was finding her hair and clothes very interesting for the rest of the evening.

Well, that's pretty much it. Now the cat's out of the bag, I doubt she'll be wanting me to write here again. Toodle-oo!

- The Twelfth.