Hey guys, it's Dylan again. So Livi says I did such a good job that I basically have to write another. I'm not a blogger but alright. I've been around her enough to pull this off. So hope you've got your fire extinguisher, because I'm on fire. Not actually, but in a pun way. Like just imagine I'm Livi, I've totally got this.

Ok, so today I was working with on another old bomb. That's why I had my pyrotechnic suit out. Some people also call them lemons. Yeah, so we make lemonade out of cars. Carinade. It was an old car, and me and the boss got pretty involved in it together, since some of the bolts were just completely rusted on. We were working for hours before we looked up, and then I saw it was almost three. The boss said to me, "it's time for lunch." So we topped up our fluids. Because it was a hot day, so we needed water. The boss talked about the next phase of the work, which was cleaning out the clutch, pretty hard stuff. So, you know, it was really grinding our gears.

Alright, well I think I'll talk a little about Elle now. You know we're engaged (LIKE A HANDBRAKE, YEAH!) and so she's starting to really get thinking about the wedding preparations. Yeah, she's getting all REVVED UP! Hah. Um, so um she's thinking about all the preparations, and um yeah well I'm out of puns.

Not sure if Mary reads this blog or not, but I've pretty much finished work on the second phase of the canister propellant system. I've tightened the aperture, and hotwired the delay straight to the nav. So Mary should get a better control over the whole deal. Like a pack of cards! Yeah. Alright, I'm going to go have a drink now, this is way harder work than fixing cars.

- Dylan.