Hey there, this is Dylan writing here. Livi asked me to write a guest post for her blog because she's been very busy at work. So how does she start these things? I need a pun, don't I? Okay, well there was this customer who came in today. He asked could he get a spare tire while we were working. It was only a short job, so the guy is sitting in the office and his wife is sitting next to him, and takes away his cake.

Get it? Because he's putting on weight, and people call putting on a lot of weight, mostly the ab area, a spare tire. So he was getting a spare tire. But we gave him one anyway that's bolted onto the underside of his chassis. How was that?

Ok, I'm back from lunch break. Now what else do I write about? Well today we drained the oil from a light commercial vehicle, took over thirty litres of the stuff, so I'm going to have to ask the boss to place another order next week. Right, but you probably want to hear about Livi blog things. Ok, so she likes microwaves. Well, there was this time when Elle had her over to her place, and I was there too. She went to go heat up her drink again, but we didn't hear from her for about five minutes, so we assumed something was wrong. You know, things happen. So me and Elle went over to the kitchen, and found her staring at the microwave. Now from the reading I've done on this blog, she was probably having a revelation about something she could do with it, or maybe trying to figure out the functions. But as it turned out, she was happy to let bee. Because there was a bumblebee on the top of the microwave, and she was deciding whether to squish it, but she didn't in the end. So she let it bee. Yeah, also did you know that if you put enough water into cars, you can save on gas mileage? But they have to have trays. You line the trays with plastic, and fill them with water, then you save on gas. Because you're car pooling, y'know?

Yeah, totally nailed this post.

- Dylan.