That is the sound the front door makes when the parcel man comes. Please not another marimba please not another marimba. By the way things are going it'll be a semi-trailer next time.

Nope, too small to be either a marimba or a truck. It was, in fact (drumroll) a fan. Which is particularly useless because I have ceiling fans everywhere in my apartment. The marimba has grown somewhat on me, and the honey also makes me laugh, but a standing fan? Whoever is sending me these parcels, I have some suggestions of things I can actually use:

- Non-perishable items. Canned fruit and vegetables last a long time. Also sauce.
- Soda. Not that it's particularly good for you, but I do go through it.
- Car wash and wax. Mary complains I won't give her a bath, so I tell her this is a close second.
- Gift vouchers for Obento Restaurant. I like sushi pizza quite a lot.
- Piles of cash. I mean, it seems you have it, so maybe instead of spending it on random things, just bundle it up and send it my way?

I put the fan back in the box temporarily, I mean what am I going to do with it? Anyone reading this blog, it's now summertime, and I hope one of you need a fan. I have one, and that's one too many. I would put it in my loungeroom, but there's a marimba there.

- Livi