I'm not the best with directions. Actually, Mary wasn't either until she got her MGPS (the plural of which is MGPi). A while ago I went on a walk that proved it. Yeah, I'm not the best with directions.

Today was a pretty normal Sunday, so far as Sundays go (usually 24 hours, haven't had a Sunday go longer than that yet). Got up, got dressed, went to church, listened to the sermon and sung songs, talked to people, went home. I think the thing though as far as I can see (and I've got 20/20) is that sometimes routine isn't all that bad. I mean, sure routine could be bad I guess like if you got up and ate four cloves of garlic before heading to work. But I was thinking a while back about the year, and looking at my reflections (wow I need to do my hair) now I think maybe not having a goal for the year is alright, so long as I stay on track. Maybe that's the point of a good routine, that it keeps you on the straight and narrow. Or helps, at least. Some days, not sure about you, I look back and go okay did I get anything worthwhile actually done today? But I think I did what I was meant to. I mean maybe we can just do our best. The rest isn't our business anyway.

Today was actually pretty cloudy in other news, most of spring now has been pretty clear, but when you have so much sun and blue sky, you don't mind the occasional gray cloud. Or at least I don't. By the whey, I bought some new brand of yogurt on my way home.

- Livi.