Ok Livi, you've got this cooking breakfast thing. You've got it down. Mostly in a mess on the floor. Ok, pick yourself up, wash your hands, no that's floor polish, yes that's the one. Alright, flatpanflipbread recipe numero uno: flour. Duo: eggo. What's three in Italian? I don't know, but it's milk. Quattro: buttero. Alright, you've got this. Mostly on the floor. Get a mop. Oh whoops that's the broom. Calm down, totally calm down. You're totally calm. Alright, grease pan with butter. Done. Finnish mixing ingredients. Mr. Eriksson would be proud. Put half a cup in frypan. Medium heat. Cook until bubbles form. Ok, one bubble. I guess it did say bubbles, as in plural. Wait... two bubbles! Flipping time! Flatpanflipbread coming up! ...and still up. Oh wow it's stuck to the roof. Um, I'll just paint over that.

Flatpanflipbread numero duo! Grease pan, pour in batter. Oh no, there's a RING A DING A DING DONG. Okay Livi, wipe hands on apron, go fetch D or L or S. It's a 33.3333 chance of either. It's D. Oh yep well he's always calm and collected. Channel his inner crouching tiger. Yeah that's it. Welcome, D-man, to Miss Paige's Flatpanflipbread Kitchen! Please, do take a seat. Just make sure you give it back when you're done. I've only got a few. What? What do you mean what smells? Oh yeah, isn't it glorious? It's breakfast. What do you mean it's black? You can't see smells. Wait, oh right I can see it too.

OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS! OPEN ALL THE DOORS! WHO CARES ABOUT DAYLIGHT ROBBERS! Ah wait no relax D-man, I totally meant to do that. It's just Cajun style.

Oh no, the second RING A DING A DING DONG has sounded. Ok, I think the smoke's cleared. They won't know. By they I mean the Susanmobile. Come in S! Welcome to my calm and collected kitchen! Um yeah actually please sit in the loungeroom with crouching tiger. No I don't need help, but thank you. No, please don't look in the kitchen, it's um, a surprise.

Okay, flatpanflipbread numero threeo. Grease pan, pour batter, watch for bubbles. L's going to be here soon. They're all going to be hungry. Can't I just hurry this thing up by blowing through a straw or something? Yeah, that'll speed it up. Okay, there are bubbles! Flip! Oh yeah. Right. Um, maybe I should have followed the recipe. Oh well, I can clean the windows tomorrow.

Hey, um you guys aren't hungry, are you?

- Livi.