I caught up with the L today. I tell you, she needs to stop running so fast. I mean the bill wasn't that bad.

It was a pancake restaurant, I ordered honey maple flapjacks with buttersauce, and she ordered cinnamon donut pancakes. I said not the blueberry ones? I said well what's been up at the printing place lately, twelfth? She said well I'm proofchecking at the moment. Lots and lots of magazine articles. I said any interesting articles? She said not really, mostly business related stuff. She said how's Mary? I said contrary. Haven't seen any silver bells or cockle shells yet though. She also said the D was working on a new and improved paint delivery system should Mary ever have the urge to paint again. I said wait what do you mean by improved? And I had all these images of the town being literally painted red. She said well I'm not quite sure, only Dylan says it's going to be more accurate. I said well it can hardly be less accurate than the first time.

Then the pancakes arrived. Or flapjacks. Or hotcakes. I don't know what the difference is. I guess some guy named Jack flipped a cake in a pan, and realized it was hot when he tried to take it out with his bare hands, and so they coined all three phrases. I think personally I'd call it a flatpanflipbread. That's more catchy, and also more sensible. My honey maple flatpanflipbread was wonderiffic, and L's was fairly wonderfrub too. We ate, and then I said hey you know what L? She said what. I said I have an idea. She said oh no.

Alright people, namely the blue-haired one sitting across the table from me, this is it: tomorrow we all have a pancake breakfast. You, me, D-man, possibly Susan. We "cater" for Mary. L said well great idea but we can't have it at mine, my parents are having people over. Also Dylan's Mom has family on Saturday. I said no problem, we can have it at mine.

Wait, did I just say that?

- Livi.