I was able to go home early today on account of it being quiet, and I'm making up my hours tomorrow since there's a big early delivery. So I was home alone for some time, well you know there's always Mary in the garage, and decided I would try my hand at sewing. You see, there's this annoying hole in my curtain, or not actually a hole but like a zig-zaggy cut. Not sure if it's a zig or a zag, but it goes straight and then at an angle. Maybe a zag. So I got out the sewing needle of Mrs. Hickenbotam, tailor extraordinaire, and proceeded to thread some thread. By thread, I mean attempted to thread, and by thread, I mean a random bit of twine I found, I think from some newspaper stacks from my convenience store days. Now what I discovered was this: 1. twine needs to lose some weight, it doesn't fit. 2. I know how to make a good point. Usually in myself. In this case my leg. You see, I had the curtain half folded on my lap, and so I went to sew, but lo and behold and my leg starts bleeding. I don't know how these things happen. Maybe that's why they invented safety pins. Do they have safety needles?

So of course I went to get some painkiller and a bandaid. Unfortunately I'm out of bandaids. Oh well, I'll go get some Scotch tape. My professor would be proud. Only I have no Scotch tape. Hmm, I have superglue. How could that go wrong?

On tomorrow's episode: how to get off jeans that you've stuck to yourself.

- Livi.