For some reason I haven't been sleeping at proper times lately. Last night I got to sleep super early because I was so tired, and this morning I was awake at four or roundabout. I couldn't sleep, so I opened the window a peep and looked out. All the sky was still dark, but you could see that faint bit of blue color coming up over the horizon. And then I saw it: the morning star. I don't know if I've ever really stayed up and watched for it before, but it came just before the light started coming, and I remembered that verse,


Some of the night seemed like such a terribly long time to wait, just waiting for what seemed like hours, and everything was so dark. My room was dark, outside was dark, and then that one bright star, and I looked up and thought of that verse in John's Revelation, and then the dawn came. And as Sunday came, and I went to church, looking forward to singing and the service, I thought to myself, was it really that long after all? I kind of forgot all my time awake at night for the rest of the day, because I was so glad it was Sunday.

- Livi.