So I went into work, and lo and behold baubles. Also tinsel and fairy lights. In case you've forgotten, it's October. Ho Ho Hold On! We haven't even got any snow yet. So I went into work and said hi Jon-n-n-n, I'm celebrating my birthday. He said what? I said it's only 250 days until my birthday, can I get the day off? He laughed and said no. Apparently the shopping complex managers start Christmas around this time every year. I said Jon-n-n-n, I have a suggestion for the managers then, could you pass it onto them? Since we're conflating celebrations, what if we combined hot cross buns and Easter eggs? I mean they're not that far apart really. What you basically do is wrap dough around a chocolate egg, then put it in the oven for about 30 mins I'd say. It'd save the managers all the bother of having to celebrate two different occasions!

Well, Livi...

Oh yeah, so this month can I also take my morning, afternoon, and lunch breaks all at once just before closing?

Markopolos apparently perked up and said what? can I do that too?

No, Markopolos, you can't. Apparently only the complex managers can do that. Ho ho hombug.

- Livi.