I went for a walk today. I was considering a run, but that never ends well. The sun was out, the birds were singing, and the whole reserve was so colorful with flowers. I don't really know much about flowers so I can't tell you what they were, but I know they weren't roses. And too small to be sunflowers. Maybe daisies. That's my default when it comes to botany. Anyhow, I was following this path that went out from the parking lot, and there were all these flowers on either side, and the big lawns and distant trees. Lots of people and ducks too. I came to this crossroad, except it was a Y instead of a cross, and I went left, and followed it for a long while through some foresty areas, and around a lake. Then I came to another Y junction, and I decided to go right this time. I went around a lake and then some foresty areas, and then came to a Y crossing. I decided to go left, and thought to myself as I was walking, hmm this seems strangely familiar somehow. I mean, there's a forest, and then a lake. And then I came to a crossing. I said to myself, now this all seems very deja vu. So I went left, and lo and behold a forest and lake, then a crossing.


So I wandered off from the paths, and cut my way through a whole bunch of trees until at last I found a path beyond them all where it opened out again. I breathed a sigh of relief, and started humming to myself as I made my way back, then I came to a lake. Then a forest. Then a Y crossing. And then I think I cried. I said to myself well Livi now is time to channel your inner girl scouts. Which you never took part in. Okay, survival tip #1: find water. That's easy, there's a lake. Survival tip #2: find shelter. Guess I'll cut down some pine trees with my... um, my... shoelaces, and make a fort. Survival tip #3: forget survival tips #1 and 2, and call D-man. He's a ninja, so surely he knows secret places like this.

He did. About half an hour later, I heard the rumble of an engine, and the oldsmobile rocked up. I said D-man, I've never been so glad to see you in my life. Don't tell Mary about this please. Or L. If you don't mind. By the way, where am I? Oh, never mind. I know.


- Livi.