I still haven't heard back from either Mr. Kumaro or Abacha. The internet must be really bad in their country. Anyhow, today I was feeling almost entirely flat when I finished work today. Part of that was due to nearly dropping a watermelon on myself. I have a thing against watermelons. As I was going to stack it, another one suddenly started rolling down at me from the crate above, and I looked up (I had bent down to pick up the watermelon) and went OH NO. Thankfully it rolled into Blake Victoria, who caught it with his hands.

Today as we were having lunch, me, myself, and I (we make a good team), Markopolos walked in, and then Lousianna, and joined my lunch. Well, I mean they had their own lunches. We were talking for a while before Markopolos brought up the subject of his parents' anniversary coming up, and that they had been talking for a while about getting a pool for the community. He said would we like to make a donation towards it? I said hold on a minute, and after sixty seconds came back with a glass of water and plonked it on the table. Mark looked at me.

I said Lousianna, do you have pools where you come from? Or is Louisianna basically a pool? She said some people do. We talked for a while, about her home town, and how she still felt homesick from time to time, but not often, and she asked me if I did. I said actually no, sometimes I miss my Mom and Dad, but the city, not at all. But meanwhile Markopolos was still staring at his glass of water. I think he was trying to figure out if he was a glass half full or empty kind of guy.

- Livi.