"Hello Mr. Abacha, I am Mary of the dark! I roam the woods, the town, and park! Mom has been telling me about you, how you are a prince of corn. Is corn good? Mom won't let me have corn, or lasagne, but lasagne smells so good. Today Mom went and bought corn, and cooked some in her oven of the future. She usually puts in tinsel or alfoil, but this time she just cooked corn. I asked her what she put on it, and she said salt and butter. What do you put on corn, Mr. Abacha?
Mom says you spend a lot of time growing corn and being a prince. Is that fun? I spend a lot of time looking for ducks. Ducks are very bad. So are salespeople. I told Mom that it was duck season, but she didn't believe me. She almost never believes me, I don't know why. I can also paint. Painting is fun, although I'm done painting for now. The genius Dylan showed me how to paint. I painted great big yellow houses and daisies, and also the sun. I painted Mom, and also grandma and grandpa, but only in blue. Do you like to paint? I'd like to grow corn one day. Maybe you can tell me how. What else do you do, Mr. Abacha? Do you fix cars? Dylan fixes cars, he can fix any sort of car, even if it's really old. Once he fixed a car that was rusty, and had holes in it, and now he drives it around. Dylan is cool. He told me he's also going to get married to a person Mom calls the twelfth, I don't know why. She also sometimes calls her Violet Beauregarde, but only when she's not around. Mom is weird. From Mary."

- Livi.