"Dear Livi, yes ok maybe you are right and I do know Absalom Kumaro. Many princes, many corn here in country, we are all in corn. Yes he is very good, no need to worry, he says you are very trustworth to. So please Livi thank you for details about bank card, very interest. Please give me information about bank card number. Yes we can write to each other, we can keep writing my dear, so please write back. Yours sincerely, Zabimb Abacha."

"Hi Zabimb, so good to hear from you again! I didn't know everyone in your country was in the corn for the long haul. Do you all help each other? So it's a cornfederacy? Hmm actually we don't have a whole lot of corn here, mostly just in random tins I think. Though I guess it's maybe a staple food in some countries like yours. What's your favorite way to have corn? I remember having a really good cream of corn soup once, can't remember what else it had in it though. Probably cream. Oh yeah, so about the cards! Glad you found that info interesting! Absalom did too. Speaking of which, I'm so glad to hear that Mr. Kumaro is doing well! Thank you so much for telling me that! Guess his internet connection's just been bad. Happens to the best of us. Hey, so my bank card numbers are silver, what colors are yours? They're also embossed, and raised on one side. I think they must have been stamped into the card, because on the other side they're indented. Once I had a card with red letters, I liked that one. Also like my Bible.
By the way, did I say I had a daughter? Oh yeah, I think I did. Anyhow, since we can be penpals, I thought I'd let her write the next entry! Talk to you soon. Livi."

- Livi.