Roses are red
violets are blue
I have amnesia
and roses are red

I had a weird day of forgetting things today. No idea why. First I got out of bed, combed my hair and brushed my teeth, then realized I was hungry and hadn't had breakfast. So now my teeths are extra shiny. I will be smiling at everyone today. Then at church I forgot who invited me over for lunch, and so I thought to myself, hmm now how do I get this information out without appearing like a Major Failure? My solution was to ask everybody what they were doing for lunch today. Lieutenant Improv is on the job.

Eventually I found that it was Kate and Wes that had invited me for lunch. I know this because when I asked Wes what he was doing, he laughed, and then said don't be silly. So I asked him, would you like me to bring anything? A drink at least? He said ask Kate. So I went over to Kate and said hi Kate, can I bring anything for lunch? She said well ask Wes, he's the cook.

This must be what reincarnation feels like.

So I asked Mary, what should I bring for lunch? She said pizza. So I went to Obento and picked up a sushi pizza. Thank you Mary, at least you're never indecisive.

- Livi.