"Dear Livi, you most wonderful, trustworth person. I am glad I have your trust in this matter. No I do not know Absalom Kumaro. Now I need your help, I cannot funds into Swiss bank because my bank does not allow. Only your country is allow, so please help me for my late father, such a good father he was. I know you will be help to, so please if you say online banking too hard, send me details about your bank card. Yes, it is lovely to hear from you too, most lovely. Write back please my dear, Zabimb Abacha."

"Dear Mr. Abacha, I'll definitely try to help you out, so sorry again to hear about all your siblings. Well, guess I got the easy way out. Although I have a daughter, but that's another story. Or twelve. So hey sorry to harp on the same subject, but Mr. Kumaro, I'm just wondering if you definitely haven't heard of him? I mean like sometimes I know I think I don't know people, but I just don't know their names, but their faces and what they do rings all the bells. Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just a bit worried about Absalom lately. He's a prince too like you, only he grows corn, or at least he did. Not sure how the corn harvest is going for you this year? It sounded pretty tough.
But anyway, about bank cards! Yeah, actually Mr. Kumaro was really interested in them as well! Do your bank cards look different to ours? Mine is like all black and shiny, although my last one was silver and red, but I think they change them all the time depending on who's designing them, maybe? Yeah, I've also heard they slice butter well when you're out of knives. I mean, as long as you don't have to pay for anything that day on card. Love to send you some pics of cards if you like! Sent some to Absalom, I've still got them on my fairy box. Would love to hear more about you. Hey we could be penpals if you like! All the best! Livi."

- Livi.