I turned on my fairy box to check my email when lo and behold an email! and it's not spam! No, it was an email from Zabimb Abacha, and here's what it said:

"Dear Friend, I am contacting you for I know of your most esteem and worthy. I trust I can share these details here with you without you others sharing. I am Zabimb Abacha, prince of my country very fair. I am writing to you because my late father has left deposit of $3,000,000 to share with most trustworth. You are most trustworth I know, and so please listen my email, is very urgent, most glad I am I can trust. So my dear, I need to make transfer of money out of country immediate, because my brothers have been stealing money, and I am afraid father's money be next. What I need is your bank account number and bank address etc., thank you my dear. I would like to give you 30% proceeds because of HOW IMPORTANT it is too secured money. Thank you, most kind you are, trustworth. Your friend, Zabimb Abacha."

What were the chances of having another letter from a person who happened to be a prince? Though it did sound like his situation was pretty bad, so I guess being a prince isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Like Absalom Kumaro, poor guy working himself to death in a field of corn. I wonder if they know each other? I mean they're both princes, how many can there be in their country? So I wrote back.

"Dear Zabimb, so nice to hear from another prince! What are the chances? Although I'm very sorry to hear about your brothers. I never had any siblings, so I wouldn't know. But stealing money is pretty bad. Just wondering if you know a prince by the name of Absalom Kumaro? He's actually related to me, which is cool. Do you know if he's alright? I haven't heard back from him in a long time, and I don't know whether to be worried or not. My parents seem dismissive of him, maybe our family had disagreements back as well? But about the money issue you have, wow that's a super generous offer, but actually I'm kind of useless with online things like banking, so I was thinking of how else I could help you. Then it hit me! You know the Swiss? Well, maybe you don't. I don't really either, the only Swiss I'm familiar with is yellow and has holes in it. But they say their banks are the most secure in the whole world, and that you should do banking with them. I'd definitely recommend that for getting the money into a safe place. Hope that helps! Livi."

Anxiously waiting his reply. Gee, hope they're both okay.

- Livi.