I was driving, well actually Mary was driving, but you should know what I mean by now. And we were going past the industrial area of town just because, and Mary was exploring some new parts with her MGPS, and I was looking around. Then all of a sudden we turned a corner and I said hey I know where we are, that's Sparrow Auto! And there's... hey, wait.

It was the ottoman.

They had dressed him up in a mechanic's suit, complete with wrench in pocket, standing by the front door. I said oh wow hey Mary um look it's the sultana. She said oh yes Dylan likes it. I said how do you know? She said he told me. I said oh fair enough, when did he find out? On his birthday, she said. I asked, why didn't he say anything about it, then? Because I told him you wanted it to be a secret.


I think I found my first gray hair today. Not sure, or maybe that was just some remnants of the paint that got stuck in my hair. Anyway, we drove up to the Auto and stopped in for a chat. D-man couldn't talk much, but he said he was grateful for the ottoman, and he would make sure to keep it a secret. I said Mary who did you tell him to keep it a secret from?

I still haven't got an answer.

- Livi.