Walnut Lady was not happy. And by not happy I mean threatening legal damages. It is true that her bag of walnuts had one bad nut in it, but how were we to know? I mean we do our best, we gave her a refund, these things happen. John seemed pretty stressed, although he was nice enough to the lady. I'm not sure what it was about one walnut that made her have to ruin her day, and everybody else's day. I mean, all the other walnuts were excellent, she said. Why let one bad nut ruin the whole thing, you know?

As I was thinking of this, I remembered (kind of suddenly) this was my same reaction initially when I lost my job. I was all why have I lost my job? This isn't fair I didn't want to quit, what have I done wrong here? And I forgot to appreciate everything else I had. Actually it was pretty hard to take, and like the walnut I guess tasted pretty rotten for a while, but thinking of this made me realize oh wow I do the same thing. I'm a Walnut Lady.

Three days ago I told you about my grandma and the peach tree I grew, or half grew in her yard. I guess it's kind of like that, everything grows and affects everything. I remember some guy on the bus talking about karma a while back, I think it was when I went to The Wold unintentially. But that's not it. I learned today from Mark that one walnut can actually ruin the entire bag if it's moldy. Or strawberries, for that matter. The only way to fix it is to have something new replace it. And that's the whole point, I think.

Out with the old, in with the new.

- Livi.