The thing about stacking oranges is you can't. I mean they're round. The whole point of round things is they roll. Like balls, or planets, or mechanical bearings, I'm told. So when you realize you've still got a half crate of naval oranges that need to be added to the tub, you panic. Hmm, you think, now what customer here might be needing roughly 100 oranges? They are full of skin-repairing vitamin C. They have been scientifically proven to increase the gloss of your nails. Now while I was preparing myself to be a saleswoman, John came up to me and said do you need help? I said yes, I have a problem, and it's called 100 oranges. He said let me show you, and then proceeded to balance 100 oranges on top of the already full tub. I stood there amazed. I said it's true, shop owners know black magic. He said well stay here long enough, you'll learn the tricks of the trade.

Next episode: how to balance a watermelon on your outstretched pinkie finger.

- Livi.