When I was five, my grandma used to let me run about her yard. Mostly there were plants and things, but also a big lawn to run around on. I was never much of a gardener really, the most my skills rose to after five years was helping grandma remove a shrub from her yard. And by helping her remove it, I mean I tripped and fell on it, and it kind of broke. My grandma never could bring herself to get rid of plants (except for that one, because it was soon dead) and so her place was pretty wild looking, but in a good way. An organized mess, I think they say. Anyhow, there was this time when she gave me a peach to eat, and I went out into the backyard to eat it, and after having finished it and washed my hands, I thought now what do I do with the seed? Actually it's called a kernel according to Jon-n-n-n, but that's another story. Then I thought, hey well I can add to grandma's plant collection! So I dug a hole in the lawn, planted and watered the seed, then filled it back up and put the grass over top of it.

Fast forward about five years. My grandmother has a random massive peach tree in the middle of her lovely lawn. The reason? She couldn't bring herself to get rid of it. It had something to do with me being the only grandchild, I'm told, but anyhow. I was ten, and now eating peaches that I planted with my grandmother. I actually have many memories of times we spent on the lawn underneath the peach, just eating fruit and talking, like it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Now she's gone home, but I mean looking back, I wonder if she wasn't right in some ways. I mean if I had a random tree growing in the middle of my lawn, I'd dig it up and throw it out. But I guess she saw something more important than the lawn that I couldn't see when I was five. She saw time with me, and she was right. Some of my best memories with her are under that silly tree. I wonder now if the people who own her house are still eating that fruit they have no idea of the story about. Anyway, I was just thinking this today, as I was eating some peaches from Dave&Dave. It's funny how memories come back at little things now and then.

- Livi.