That's the best way I can describe a mechanic service, getting down to the nuts and bolts. I would have said brass tacks, but it would be weird to have those in a car. Although some cars have automatic doors and spray cans, so you know. Anyway, it was Mary's mechanic service today, she drove down to the Auto, and I went with to talk to the D for a while and see how his eternal old car project was going. Well, it was still going. He definitely has a lot of attention to detail in his work, and it looks amazing, but apparently it isn't done. It has all the bells and whistles... and also exhaust manifolds, I'm told, but some mechanical parts still need restoration. It's like a fairy box, I have no idea how those things work inside.

On the way up, I thanked Mary for the ottoman. I'm still not sure whether that was the right move, I mean what if she buys me another since she thinks I like it so much, but oh well she is my daughter, and she did seem pretty happy that I liked it. And I do like it, but more in a comedy sort of way. And nobody's entire life is all mishaps and comedy. I mean that's right, isn't it?

D said he was pretty busy lately, so I didn't end up talking to him as much as I would have liked to, but that's okay. I went for a bit of a walk instead while Mary had her service done, or more likely while they had a D and M. I'm still thinking what I should do for D's birthday coming up. I talked to L yesterday about a few ideas, but I've got nothing solid. It has to involve cars. Oh well, there's still a few days before Monday. I'll think of something.

- Livi.