Mary was still honking at ducks all the day long today, well on the parts of the day that I was with her at least. What is it with all the ducks around here lately? It must be the spring weather, I guess, birds flying north for the summer? When we got home from work (mine, and apparently Mary's too), I went to get ready, have a shower and do my hair, all that, then went back down to check on Mary before we went out. She said Mom you look nice. I said thank you. Now I'm all ready to go. Mary said what about me? I said well yes what about you? Mary insisted she have a 'bath' too. So I said ok fine, and she drove out onto the driveway, and I got the hose out. We made it just in time.

Everyone was there at the DL's party. Well not everyone, seven billion people is too much for one house, unless we all went in different dimensions that is, and so we could all theoretically be in the same place at once, at least according to my Scotch professor. But anyhow. I said happy birthday DL! You said not to bring you anything, but you know how I'm practical and everything, so here, it's hayfever relief.

I caught up with Kingsley (he runs fast), and the rest of Clan Routine Poutine. Susan's swimming lessons now are in full swing with the warmer weather, and Kingsley is still playing chess and studying. But our conversations were cut short, because there was a game.

Now, I like games, as you know, mostly Livi sports, but this was different. It involved conversations with people I've never met. Now I have a thing that my brain randomly freezes sometimes and I forget the words I'm looking for, or I zone out of a conversation until I remember the phrase "a goose!" So I have to admit I was feeling pretty nervous about it. How the game worked was that you get a piece of paper, and draw a 5 x 5 grid which is your bingo board, and you have to fill in the names. L had planned all these devious things like 'find someone whose last name you can rearrange as a type of food,' or 'find someone who has a relative with the same name as you.' And so I wandered around for a while talking to random people, and eventually started talking to an older person who was telling me about his wonderful relative named Martha Engelfrith. Now I was trying to descramble that last word. One g too few for egg, there's no z, so can't turn frith into fritz, and started trying out these different combinations. Then someone else came along, and I looked up to find the older man still talking to himself about Martha, and the new girl looking at me saying you're both standing together, but having conversations of your own. What are you talking about? Then I had it. FERN! I said, yes, FERN! You can eat ferns, right? Theoretically, I mean, if you were starving. Um, sure, the girl said. I put it down on my bingo board. One down, twenty four to go!

I won't bore you with the rest of the details about the bingo game. We had pizza afterwards, and I discovered that hot sauce looks a lot like tomato sauce. Also, that D-man doesn't stock nearly enough milk in his fridge.

Anyhow, happy birthday again DL! And may there be many more to come!

- Livi.