I forgot the one thing about spring I don't like: a runny nose. Hey, fever! Go away. Not sure what it has to do with hay, though. Shouldn't it be called flower-fever? No, that sounds like some weird plant disease. It's not all flowers, just the really really scented ones that seem to give me problems. I'm not sick, really, I promise. L said her and D get the same problem though, so I know I'm not alone. Just when I'm in the mall, then people tend to stay away from me.

Well, I went to the store today, that department store where I didn't get a job, to see if I could find the DL a gift, although they said no gifts, and some other people had said well we'll give you money then, they said no money. But I live on the Cayman Islands, so I'm exempt. I looked around (dodging the manager) in the various aisles, thought to myself there's nothing good here for the DL. Then I came across a tacky old picture frame. It looked like some customer had dropped it and then quickly put it back up. So I laughed, but the next thing I knew my nose was tickling and I said to myself oh no where's a tissue? Then suddenly I find myself closing my eyes. When I opened them again, the picture frame was well, even less pristine. So I said to myself, well I wonder if this store probably has a you break it you buy it policy.

And it did. Guess what the DL are getting for their birthday?

Just kidding. They're getting Zyrtec.

- Livi.