All the trees were littering today, mostly the apples and the cherry blossom trees. As I was walking down the path to church, the whole ground was almost covered in white and pink petals that it made me feel like I was going to see a wedding. I love this season, when everything smells so fresh, and everything is colorful, even just a few weeks after winter. It's not cold anymore, and the way the sunlight filters in through the church windows makes it somehow feel like the bricks and the wood that gets the light on it is happy for spring too.

The passage this morning was 2 Corinthians 2:14, God always leads us triumphantly in Christ to spread the scent of the good news everywhere. And that kind of reminded me about the flowers this morning, it felt like a resurrection from winter, and all the church grounds was almost like perfume. I watched the flower petals fall afterwards when I was standing outside in the parking lot, and held out my hand to catch some of them. Then DLS and Mary came to join me, and MOPEDS had a flower viewing party. Without the party part. And we talked together and watched them all float down. They're so gentle, and light, kind of like snowflakes. I said so to Mr. Reil, who does the garden, and he said they remind me of when I was a little boy, my first memories of church. He told me a story about how he remembered the first snowflakes fell on his way to hear the good news for the first time, and the first snow reminds him of that ever since. I looked at him, and he said ah this darn pollen, always getting in my eyes! And went to find his handkerchief.

- Livi.