The problem with Mary being in for repair, well actually more like custom upgrades, is that I'm stuck at home trying to organize L's party tomorrow. So I called Susan. I said hi Susan how are you? She said good! How are you? I said also good! Actually I'm stuck. Not literally, but metaphorically. I don't usually get stuck unless it's relating to gum. She said what is it? I said well can you keep a secret? We're throwing a surprise party for the L tomorrow, and I would like you to be in on it. Basically we're kidnapping her and taking her to a bonfire in the fields near where Mary learned to drive. D-man's in on it, so it's ok. By kidnapping I mean very strongly offering her transportation. Susan laughed. She said yep where is it and when? I said 6 pm pretty much by the yellow hill. You can't miss it. She said no you're right, I can't. I said also can you bring marshmallows, and all the old read magazines and newspapers you can find and don't want? She said sure, I'll be there. I said phenomumental.

I called the Kingsley. He said hello Kingsley speaking? I said hello fellow conspirator, you are hereby conscripted into keeping a secret from L. He said oh no this sounds bad. I said no it's just a birthday thing. Basically we're throwing her a party, but she doesn't know about it, so don't tell her please, by the walking trails down south where there's uh, a blue and yellow hill. You'll see it. He said a blue and yellow hill? I said yes a blue and yellow hill. He said oh I guess it's springtime right, the flowers are out? I said yes I'm sure they are, now what I need you to bring, if this is ok, is some chocolate, and as many newspapers and magazines as possible that you no longer want. Or just any paper. I'm sure she won't know. You can? Great! See you there at 6 tomorrow.

For the rest of the day I did some actual spring cleaning, and found a whole bunch of paper type things to burn, and also got some crackers from Graham, and piled them all up by the honey at the entryway. I rubbed my mitts together and said Olivia Paige strikes again!

- Livi.