I managed to get out of the D the actual dates of their birthdays, so I could plan something they know nothing about. After all, it's only fair since they did it to me. The twelfth is on the 12th, and the fourth is on the 21st. So begins my first conspiracy for this Saturday.

I went over to Blake Victoria while I was stacking, said hey what do you do when you have a friend who has a birthday coming up and you need to celebrate it for her somehow but the only thing you can think of is that she doesn't like magazines? He said um well that's pretty hard... start a bonfire with it I guess? I said Blake Victoria you are brilliant. Yes, bonfire and marshmallows. Done. Then we went on with stacking for a while. Truth be told, there's not a whole lot of opportunity for conversation in this workplace compared to with Des, here it's busy busy busy, but in a good way. Not that I particularly miss it, just noticing this place is different. I guess everything changes. There you go.

Anyway, after work I gave the D a call, said D-man can I get you in on a conspiracy? He said oh a conspiracy? Sounds interesting. Hit me with it. I couldn't, because I was only on the phone to him, but I said look you know it's the twefth's birthday this Sat, and I know you've got this DL birthday going on, but I want to surprise her. Here's my idea. We kidnap her.

Um, I think you're breaking up Livi, he said. I said not a chance. Now what you do is knock on her door and go hide in the bushes. Your car will be parked around the corner. When she opens the door, there Mary will be parked on her lawn, with the door open and a big fat present in the far side of the car. L gets in, Mary shuts and locks the doors and drives off to party destination, you follow in your car. I'll be already there, with a big fat pile of magazines and newspapers and sticks and marshmallows. Also chocolate and crackers belonging to Graham. L rocks up, we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and throw her a party. What do you say? Oh yeah, also I'll need you to install auto pneumatic door hinges for Mary by the end of tomorrow.

The line went quiet for a moment. I said to myself oh no he's not going to want to do it, is he? Apparently the D is telepathic, because he said no Livi I was just thinking that I could use the spare parts from the hot rod project for this. Yeah, count me in. It's going to be... wonderiffic, right? I said you got it. Absolutely fabtastic.

- Livi.