John and Louisianna led me through some scanning things in case they need a hand with deliveries one day. It's pretty much the same as before, you get the gun and scan the barcodes, and the fairies do the rest. We had a delivery of cantaloupe, also known as rockmelon (I guess its skin looks kind of like a rock) and some random vegetables. I'm getting the gist of things here, at least I think I am, and I haven't destroyed anything more than a watermelon and two apples. And an orange crate. But let's not keep count. One old lady came in looking pretty grumpy, said there was some people honking in the parking lot, but I was able to cheer her up with my customer service powers (also gained from radioactive spider) and a special on walnuts for 6.99. I've never understood why they're called walnuts. I mean groundnuts, sure, because they grow in the ground.

After work, I went out to the parking lot to find a very focused Mary. She even shushed me. I said well hi Mary what's going on. She said it's duck season. I said oh is spring duck season? Fair enough, I mean I guess I've heard of spring chickens, so why not spring ducks? She said have you seen any more? I said what? Ducks? No. She said oh good. So we started off driving home. I said well Mary my work is coming along nicely I think, glad Helga finally got fired. She said my job is busy now too. I said your job? For half a second I freaked out, so it was a good thing I wasn't actually driving. She said yes my job of protecting Sparrow Falls. I said could you explain a bit Mary? Is this related to your artist thing? She said no this is related to duck season. Then I put two and two together. I said Mary, have you been honking at ducks again? Apparently she's up to seventy-five. I don't understand what it is with her and ducks. Also people with flyers.

We got home and Mary said is it time for me to go to the mechanic? And I checked my calendar. I said well yes it is actually, next week Friday. You have a good memory, Mary. Or at least for things that you want. She said oh good, I want some extra things this time. Instinctively I said no, whatever it is, no you're not getting it.

She wanted a fog horn for the ducks.

- Livi.