Jon-n-n-n let me give out samples of grapes today. There were a variety of them, some green and some purple. White wine is made from green grapes, and red wine from purple. But they're not called green wine and purple wine. It's like rectovals. People who name things didn't consult me. Talking of grapes, who named orange's weird cousin a grapefruit? It doesn't taste or look like a grape. I asked Mark, so how do you like your grapefruit? He said in the shop. I said good answer. Then I asked John, and he said with sugar. Louisianna said the same. Jon-n-n-n said they're good in fruit salad, or juices, or smoothies, just not by themselves. Well, I continued on the sample grape train for about an hour or so at opening and before closing, and then we arrived at the station. So he said, Livi you can take whats left of the sample grapes home. So I did, and took them home.

To microwave them.

Now I'm sure you know what microwaving popcorn is like, but did you know microwaving grapes is basically the same? Except afterwards you don't have popcorn. And they also spark. That's why they're called popgrapes.

- Livi.