They put me on customer greeting today. Whether or not that was a good idea I'm still not sure. My job was to greet customers as they walked in the door - well, I guess the title of customer greeter is pretty self explanatory. If it was quiet, then I'd get back to stocking. The first lady in the door was asking me for these apples that she tried at a friend's place and really liked, and did I know the name of them? So I pointed to some galas, and asked if they were right. She said no, they were red I think, but not like that. So I pointed to some pink ladies. I said how do you like them apples? Apparently she didn't, so I showed her some other red apples and said how about them apples? and she said oh yes those are the ones. Later I had someone ask me about oranges, so I really did compare apples and oranges. Also avocadoes and pears.

Yep, well I'm getting into the swing of things, things being mostly watermelons because that's the only way to get them up onto the crates.

- Livi.