I called up M and D's landline today, and waited until the ringing stopped. Then I said HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Happy father's day to you, happy father's day to you! Happy father's day, happy father's day, happy father's day to you! and took a breath. On the other end I heard hello Livi, and I said hey Dad your voice sounds funny. The voice said that's because I'm Mom.

Mom said Dad was sick in bed with a fever, and that his throat was quite sore and so it was hard to talk. I said I understand, well wish him my very best of love. Or actually all of my love, is this a quantity of quality thing? I don't know. And Mom said she would. I said how is your and Dad's work going? She said still busy, always busy. The company was keeping Dad on a bit overtime lately, but nothing too much. I said well Mom guess what? I got a job. So we talked for a while about my job, and then I said can I talk to Dad? Not that he can talk back, I just want to say hello. So she put me on loudspeaker.

I said hi Dad, it's Livi here. Just wanted to wish you a good father's day. Or maybe that's not the right thing to say, since you're sick. I wish you a good day after father's day. Um, anyhow, just wanted to say I love you, and sorry you're not feeling well. Do you remember the time I was sick and you made me lots of ginger lemon tea? Well I wish I could send one to you right now, it sure helped me recover. Maybe Mom will make one for you. Anyhow, just don't mistake ground ginger for garlic powder. No reason. Um, also I got a job. At a grocery store. I'll tell you more about it when you're well. Hm, I'm not very good at these one-side conversation things. Which is weird because I talk to myself all the time. Like now, I guess. Or at home. Did you know microwaves can boil water 5 times faster than a kettle? Also iron clothes? But don't ask me about that one. Hey, I made fusili napolitana once! Yep, my cooking sure is improving. What are you having for dinner tonight? Oh right, sorry I won't ask questions. I think I'm going to make lasagne for dinner tonight. I think I've still got some behind my shoe-phone. Alright chief, I'm signing off.


- Livi.