Today the L phoned and said the DL was going to see if the flowers were out down towards Mr. Picnic. I said what flowers are these? She said they're wisteria, they usually come out this time of year, and the walking trails look amazing once they've bloomed. It can get a bit busy the next two weeks, Dylan and I like to get in early to avoid the rush. To avoid the wisteria hysteria, I said. I said I'd love to join, see you there. Fruperb, she said.

Wow. When we got there, the whole place was purple. Well, I mean there was still the grass and sky and everything, but lots of the place was purple. Wisteria flowers kind of remind me of grapes. L said well what do you think Livi? Pretty amazing isn't it? I said I've never seen so many flowers at once, it IS amazing. And so we all banded together, Mary followed behind. D seemed pretty chill about the whole thing, but then again he's always pretty chill. We walked through some arches, and these paths with arches all over them where the vines had grown up and over, and the flowers were hanging down, and it was kind of like a fairytale. A fairytale with lots of wisteria in it. And after we passed the wisteria, there was more wisteria, but somehow I didn't get bored of it.

Then D said, oh yeah L and I are having our shared birthday party on the 16th, since our birthdays are only two weeks apart. We'd like for you to come, if you can make it. 7pm at my house. I said wonderfrubbulous! I'd love to make it. D said where do you guys get all these adjectives from?

I said Mary I can't be bothered to walk anymore, but I want to look up at the wisteria. Mind if I sit on your bonnet? Not at all, she said. So the DL walked ahead and I eventually moved to lie back and just watch all the flowers go by. It was such a nice day. I don't think anyone else was on the trail, but my explanation from now on is the Invisible Man.

- Livi.