On my way to work today I saw some new blossoms come out. Some roses, some different flowers I didn't know. I can't say that it's exactly warm yet, but it's not freezing cold either, like it's still the end of winter weather-wise. I guess it is. As we were making our way to my work, I was looking out the window. I said Mary well it looks like spring is finally here. At least in some small ways. I just love all those little bursts of color popping up along the side of the road. I wondered if they would let me wear them in my hair, but since I didn't know the official dress code, I decided better not to. Plus if they said yes to flowers, well I could rock up one day with sunflowers in my hair.

Jon-n-n-n gave me an introduction to stocking produce today. In some ways it's like packaged things, you still stack carefully and by the shape and size of all the things to get the best fit, but with things this fresh there's health regulations, and freshness to keep in mind, and well lots of things I won't bore you with. Chips and sodas got nothing on this. Also, did you know watermelons are heavy? They are very heavy.

So, let me back up. Well, actually, Mr. Robert. He's the truck driver that delivers all the produce to Dave&Dave at 8 on the dot. The other two dots are 9 and 5, that's when we open and close. So there's an hour of making sure everything is fresh and good to sell, and cleaning up anything we missed, but most of all unloading. Today it was melons. My arms are sore. I'm thinking twice about letting Mary help me on this job. I wonder if that's possible, I mean she keeps learning new things. Anyhow.

Mark, who is Greek, so I call him Markopolos, helped me with the customers this morning, although I had a handle on most things. Except the box of navel oranges. They were heavier than expected. Also Louisa, Blake, and Ben. More on them next episode. Stay tuned.

And now, to our microwave segment...

- Livi.