I had my new employee introduction today. I am officially Daveinated. I got a new uniform, dark gray slash black with a green apron, looks pretty... fresh. But first let me tell you about when I walked in. I walked past the coconuts at the front of the store, and heard a guy calling out HEY JON-N-N-N! and I nodded approvingly to myself. Win for Helga.

If you are wondering how to pronounce his name, it's like ON, but without the O part at the front. You repeat this three times after JON. Mr. Johnson especially approves. I walked in towards the guy and looked in the direction he was looking, and waited for the manager to come up to him. I said while the manager was coming over, hi I'm Livi, the new employee. He said oh you're the one that came up with the name? Great job! Then Jon-n-n-n came over, and said hi good morning Livi, ready to start work? I said I was born ready. But actually the truth is that it took my body about three years before I was really capable of labor.

Now, if you can imagine the store, it's big, but not supermarket big. It's C-shaped, but it has an employee-only break room at the back of the C, and also a loading dock outside at the top of the C, so I guess it's more like a mutant C. Probably it also got bit by a spider. Now in the middle of the C is where the sales counter and fairy boxes are, so I don't count them as part of the store shape, you can't walk through them as a customer. Also, the C has corners, rather than being curved, but otherwise it's still like a C. Have I failed geometry yet? The coconuts I told you about are on the top part of the C you walk into, and the C faces the shopping aisle. There's only a few other shops here, so I'm not sure it's a shopping centre exactly, but anyhow. Fruit is the top part of the C, vegetables are on the bottom. Generally dried stuff is near the counter. Well, today I helped load every kid's favorite vegetable, BROCCOLI. Employee Mark helped me along. I said hey Mark are you also secretly a parcel man in your spare time?

There's too much to fit into one blog post here. I can definitely say that it's a pretty busy store, but I had a good, if pretty crazy first day on the job. I am now Daveinated.

- Livi.