I got a call from Jon-n-n-n today confirming my employment. Yes! So excited. He said when can I start? I said well tomorrow really, as soon as you need me. He said great, can you meet us there at 8? I said gr-8. So there you have it, I am officially Daveinated.

Today in the meanwhile Mary had been plotting with D-man re the Daisy Fields paint, and also the Mellow Yellow and whatever else she was using. Reluctantly I called Susan, and she surprisingly enough was able to come down. L was held back at work again today, it's been busy lately for her from what I'm told. I said D-man, what diabolical things are they doing to your fiance? Are they making her recite the PPI and the GSMs? Are they printing Warhol versions of her face? Are they giving her papercuts with business cards? He said my goodness Livi she's checking the rolls that have come in.

Then he got to the all-important matter of the color yellow. You've heard people say, or I have at least, that there are hundreds of shades of green, like in the forest. But have you heard that there are hundreds of shades of yellow? Well there are, Mary says. I didn't argue. After some tinkering, Mary set off on the nearby hill, painting it in Field Daisy, Mellow Yellow, and my personal favorite, Uranium. Now D-man and S will also get unexpected superpowers. She went on for some time painting yellow on top of yellow until well, half the hill and part of the field was yellow. Susan said she had never seen so much yellow in all her life. I said does it make you feel mellow? She said no, but it makes me feel something. I said weirded out? She said probably.

Eventually Mary finished, and came up to me and said what do you think Mom? I said well Mary, I don't understand it to be honest, but I'm sure you did a great job. She said but what's your favorite yellow? I said well Mary, it's Canary.

- Livi.