Mary said to me today that she was done with her blue period. I said oh thank goodness, that's wonderful. Well Mary you did a great job in the time you had, I know it's hard to be an artist, but look at how much you accomplished! You can look back and say ah I remember that time I was all about painting in blue. Well I did a good job. Yes, you did a good job Mary, I'm sure you enjoyed it. She said I did, that's why I'm entering my yellow phase. I said your what phase? She said I'm yellow. I said well yes congratulations Mary did you only just realize? But she said this means she's only working in colors called Sunshine, Field Daisy, Mellow Yellow, and Uranium. I said well congratulations and good luck, you will have to convince the D-man to go painting the hills, I'm staying home.

She kicked up a bit of a fuss at this point. I had thought she would calm down, but she didn't. The La Cucarachas even went off. It's good to meet neighbors I hadn't known I had. Well Mom, Mary is good at helping me meet new people. So I went down and reasoned a bit to her, said look Mary last time you did a good job painting, but I'm not sure I want to see Dylan messing around with your paint equipment again to get some new effects or whatever. I almost became a smurf, and I have no intention of becoming an oompa loompa. She said but Dylan might need your help. I said D-man doesn't need my help, I don't even know what a transfrubulator enquibment arch is. She said but he might need someone to take a picture. I said he has a phone, doesn't he? It was a silly conversation, Mary asking for things she already had, and I was getting a bit fed up. Then I kind of realized something.

She was asking me to be there for no apparent reason. That's to say, she didn't want me there to actually do anything. She just wanted me to be there. I took a deep breath and stopped as I was walking to the door, and turned back. I said sorry Mary, you know what, I'll be there to watch you paint in yellow. I'd be glad to. Only I've been a bit afraid of looking like a living human-shaped cheese. Can you promise me you'll be more careful with the paints? She said I promise Mom. Well, I said, then I'll be glad to come with you. Alright, let's give the Dylanator a call.

- Livi.