"For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." That like my job, or like summer, autumn, and spring, they all have times and reasons for them. Even winter, old cold winter has a time and a purpose. Maybe it's just to make us look forward to spring, I don't know. But spring comes after winter as much as winter comes after autumn, I mean it's all in a rhythm. And God writes the rhythms of my jobs, or job looking for a job, and he has seasons of waiting, and seasons of getting. I guess a bit like summer and winter, you lose friends, you get friends, you laugh, and you cry. A season for the instead and kids and littering, and a season for disqualificating. A season of Mondays, and a season of Samtsirhcs. There's a reason for everything. Except for opening your Christmas presents early, apparently. Also for painting the cat purple. Though in my defence Mom you always said that Tinkerbell wasn't getting enough attention, and afterwards everyone couldn't help but notice her.

Yeah, I guess I write this today because I realize for maybe the first time that I'm actually at the end of something. Usually you write these things when you're already well into the next, and you turn back and realize it's different. Maybe I'm wrong. But I can say that though this last season of my life, namely winter, was pretty horrible in general, or just plain hard, I know spring is around the corner. That's because I walked out of church this morning and was whacked in the face by a clump of flowering bushes. I said to L, hey these weren't here before, they've grown. She said yeah I think you're right. Officially yet according to the boffins spring hasn't sprung, but I can definitely see it's pretty close, if maybe not here already. Like I said, literally just around the corner.

Also Mr. Reil if you're reading, I think you need to get out your hedge trimmer.

- Livi.