Today, I felt like I was walking on sunshine. Not literally, because light waves aren't very solid, and also the temperature of the sun is about 15 million Celsius. But I was so happy to finally have a job, or at least one on the way, and I felt very happy. Thank God for this new job! Let him be with me all the way through it. I've finally, or almost been fired from my job of looking for a job, and now I have one that will pay! Not that I've ever had reason to complain. Look at the wage Des left me, it's seen me through this period. Period. I went down to check on Mary, and she seemed to share in my excitement. Probably it was related proportionately to the amount of daily driving she will do, but whatever. I said to Mary, well you and I are going to be doing a bit more driving than we even did working for Des, since Dave&Dave is down south, and farther out, though it's not too far. She said can I meet both Daves? I said I think they're both dead. John and Jon-n-n-n are the managers now. I said well maybe one day. Try not to scare them though, you know how people are meeting you for the first time. She said I'm not scary, am I Mom? I said well that all depends on your perspective.

So we talked for a while about how our lives would probably change, and what I would be doing in my new job different from the last, and that it was dealing a lot more with fresh fruit and vegetables, and also some long-life things like packaged nuts and figs and dates and times. She said can I help stack the coconuts? I said no, I'm the one working, but thanks Mary. She said can I come in to see? I said uh I think it'll be too crowded. She said then can I have a coconut.

All right readers, you've waited a while for this. All together now!


- Livi.