They say good things come in threes, but they ain't met Sage. The old Livi had rung me up and asked for some good intel. Well, you don't need more than one of me for that. The smoke curled up behind me as I approached the place, and the men had knives. These barbeque joints always get on my nerves. Who put them in front of a mall, anyone's guess. Doors swung open, I walked down the aisle like a second-guessing bride. Place reminds me of a hospital, so white and clean. But I had a job, and wouldn't rest until I gave the girl the goods on Dave&Dave. Name seemed sus enough to me, which Dave was which?

Caught by a tall chap as soon as I walked in, copped a raspberry. Said nup, I ain't into that kind of stuff. He said it's a free sample. I said ain't no such thing as free, and gave him them back. Looked around the store. Attractive little place, produce lined the walls and tubs, bright as a beam of sunshine. Ain't for me. Looked like them workers were unpacking from the trucks. Counted six of them, busy as bees.

Then the ol' disquali-ray fixed on the prize. Dave Jonson and Dave Johnson, photograph. Yup, them were some country boys all right, and the snap was old as my kinship with the old O.J. Called it right, plaque hung underneath. "In their love of farming, Mr. Jonson and Mr. Johnson met at an autumn fair held by Mr. Jonson's father, once mayor of The Wold. They became business partners one day after the judge could not decide whose squash was the best, and Dave Johnson said that they could take The Wold by storm if they partnered to produce produce. So they did, and Dave&Dave has become known as the home of fresh fruit and vegetables ever since."

Score. I took the bull's eye, gave him a patch to cover it up, and went to meet with an old friend.

- Sage.