I was going about my day as normal when the phong rang. I said hi? The man said hi, is this Olivia Paige? I said it is. He said this is your agency calling.

(mission impossible theme starts playing)

"We've tracked down a possible job opening for you, and forwarded on your resume. We've been told that you've already applied here, but we've managed to get an interview for you this time." An interview! "Can you give me coordinates? I mean what's the location?" "It's the Darling Road supermarket, Dale & Dale. Are you interested in this?" Yes! My mission, and I do choose to accept it. "When's the meeting for?" "Two o'clock, this Friday. Can you make it?" "I sure can." "Wonderful, good luck, Olivia." "Thanks, headquarters! Agent Paige out."

I thought to myself, now how do I equip for this job? Or actually how do I get information about this place? Hmm, I think this calls for someone with a very sharp eye to detail, who can give me information about what to expect, and what the place is like. This calls for a private eye.

- Livi.