We went out to the fields again after work, but just myself, D, and S. The L was kept back at work. I asked D, are you sure about it this time? He said yes he had adjusted the aperture, and it would be much more controlled now. He also added a few extra colors. All the canisters were apparently pointed down under the chassis, so it was more like an actual line marking setup. Or so I'm told. This time Mary started off slowly, and went in random circles of yellow, orange, and of course blue. I said to S what do you think she's painting? And S said no idea. D had his arms crossed looking like he was pleased with his work, and I can say I was (at last) impressed too. The paint actually went where it was meant to. What next? Is Mary going to the moon? But she went around the fields in circles, and in lines, and I said to D, hey I think it actually looks like something, or is starting to look like something, but not sure what. D said keep looking. So I did. The field kept getting blue, and orange, and yellow, and pink. Mostly orange and yellow. I said to D, wow this is starting to look like something. Is Mary an artist after all? D said she's using precise MGPS to track her coordinates and paint for you. I said for me? He said oh um for someone.

We all kept watching, not sure how long it was, maybe half an hour, when Mary finally stopped and drove up to us, and said I'm out of paint, but I'm all done now. And we looked back, and Susan said hey! Then I said hey! D just stood there with his arms crossed, looking at last pleased with his and Mary's work. Mary came up to me and said Mom what do you think? And I said Mary, you're truly an artist. Thank you.

- Livi.