This week has just been so hard, I don't even know why. Just some weeks are like that I think. Maybe it's a new place, maybe it's a new routine. God knows. As we were driving home, we passed a guy carrying some lady on his shoulders, and then another, and then another. I had to stop, pull over, and ask him if he was Russian too. He said yes, and then continued on his way. When I got home, I gave Dylan a call, said sorry to bother you but why are people running about, and while I'm at it, are you Russian too? He said the Triathlon (which has seventeen events) is coming up next month, and so everyone was practising. He also said he was American. Then I said oh yeah, I remember L talking about the sports festival thing, how long does it go for? He said all month. I said wow that's insane, lucky me that I don't like sports. He said oh good then you can referee.

So I am now officially referee to the Russians. All four thousand of them and counting. And I know nothing of the sports or rules. I think I better phone L.

Popped down to the garage to check on Mary after work, said hi Mary just wanted to check how you've been going. Had forgot to ask after Dylan fixed you up. It sounded pretty bad. She said thanks Livi I don't feel bubbly anymore. She asked how are you Livi? I said well actually exactly the same.

So I made some dinner, put on some music and ate. Well, actually I should say I started to make dinner. Just before five the door rang, and so I legged it to the front and opened the door, and what do you know there was a man with a box. Now I should say I've seen men with boxes before, Des comes to mind, but never have they said Ms. Paige, delivery for you. I don't buy things online really, so what? Maybe it was something from my parents. But I had talked to them on Sunday and they hadn't said anything about buying me something. Or maybe it was a surprise from them. He said again Ms. Paige? and then I said oh what, oh yes that's me. A delivery for you, he said, I said thanks and took the parcel. Now it was much more interesting than my meal (although I got to use the microwave, so pretty close on par) and so I sat down at the kitchen table and opened it and threw away the packaging. It was

a bottle of honey. Now I have a pretty good memory, and I'm sure that I didn't order honey. Mainly because I don't like it. So I sat there wondering who on earth would buy me honey? Maybe it was an accidental delivery? But the person said Ms. Paige. I actually went to have a look at the packaging, but had already thrown it into last night's leftovers, so no. Besides, he said it was for me. But honey? You might as well say Ms. Paige, for your birthday you may participate in the heavyweight sumo-wrestling competition. What the what is the phrase that comes into mind.

It's the end of the day now as I'm writing this, and I decided that the only thing I could do with it is to put it on the table in the entryway. That way when I open the door, I can say HONEY I'M HOME.

- Livi