I remember when my Mom was sick one time, she had something contagious but I can't exactly remember what it was, my Dad and she had to kind of keep distance. They both really hated it, but what choice did they have? I remember Dad saying I'll give you a spiritual hug, my dear. And while they were both kind of apart from one another, and me also from Mom, Dad said something I'll never forget. Except I have forgotten the actual words, but I remember the meaning. It was, 'we're always together, even if we can't be.' And first I thought wait what is Dad some multidimensional being? But before long a lightbulb went on over my head. I said Dad can you turn it off I'm trying to sleep. And what he meant was their hearts were always together, even if for some physical reason they couldn't be.

The reason I bring this up is that some people were sick in our congregation this morning, and I was thinking of that episode with Dad and Mom. The point isn't that they're away. The point is that they didn't want to be away. And that reminded me of that wedding I was at when I was little and chucked flowers about everywhere. They said in sickness and in health. And occasionally maybe sometimes love means being together, but not being together. Because we are all multidimensional beings if you think about it.

- Livi.