I didn't actually see him today, but I was told (by the twelfth) that D-man spent all day nutting over the painting mechanical artistic schematics thingo. I didn't know whether to feel bad for him or not, since he likes to do that sort of thing in his free time. Well, today I actually got some of my own painting underway, but relating to my non-pointy cupboards, and also the paint I was using was the muted slash light green to match the rest of the cupboard paint. I also finished painting the soy sauce bottle. Don't ask what the rest of the handles are now. Well, I moved the old cupboard doors into the garage, so if I ever move out, I'll just screw them on again with good old Phillip.

Mary was a bit antsy today not having been able to really paint, so I took her out, or rather she took herself out on a drive. I said I don't want to go out today, you can go out on your own, just be sensible. Also could you pick up some sushi for me? She said sure, and so I taped another ten dollar note to outside the top of her door. I turned on the radio again, just been enjoying having some background music, and finished up my painting.

I had a call around lunchtime from an old disqualificator friend in the Triathlon, she said hey I thought I saw you today passing by the Obento Restaurant, so I waved to you, but not sure I saw you. Were you around this area? I said no, I'm at home. She said oh that's strange. Anyhow, just thought I'd ring and ask if you would be interested coming to the city next month to help us adjudicate for the marathon running. I said well not sure at the moment, I'm needing a job pretty badly here, and I don't really want to go back to the city, no offense, but I'll definitely think about it. She said ok no problem, and we talked for a while after that.

After the sushi train came back into the garage, I had some lunch, and took a step back and marveled at my kitchen. You know how when you're so used to something, you don't recognize that it changes over time? Well, my kitchen has. Hopefully the agents think it's a good change.

- Livi.