MOPEDS take two. Susan and the DL rocked up after work at the field with M and I, obviously a bit later than MOP, because Helga has yet to win a round and get Livi fired from her job. D-man assured me he had corrected the trajectory of the paint spray, and I said well that's good news. L this time had brought a shield made of some big plexi glass screen I assumed she had got from work, or otherwise from D, and I said to her wow what a great idea. Susan, D, and I thought so too. Well, as we all hid behind the screen, M was let loose to her creative works, and before long a song came into to my head.

I see trees of blue, blue roses too,
just like the sky: what can I do?
And I think to myself, what a colorful world.

I see grass that's blue, fields of blue
leaves of blue, and most likely you
and I think to myself, what a colorful world.

The colors from the tool shop, well they scare me, I won't lie,
they're also on the faces of the people going by
I see friends going mad, saying what do we do?
they're looking at Dylan, saying, I BLAME YOU

I hear Susan cry, I say oh no
she's got more paint on her than she'll ever know
and I think to myself, what a colorful world.

- Livi.