I decided to go back to that department store where I fought the boss the first time. I hadn't got any more leads from the agency, and none of my calls or looking through ads had turned anything up, so I decided to go a revisit. I went up the elevator, and talked to the service lady there. "Hi, is the boss in? I mean the manager?" "Sure. Can I help you with something though?" "I'm currently looking for work, and thought I might be a good fit here. I've met your manager once before." "Oh, I see. Unfortunately we're not hiring at the moment. But I can pass on your resume." Brick wall approaches! Helga equips level seven Hammer of Determination. "Thanks, but I would like to see him in person. I won't take much of his time." "Well, I'll call him for you." Helga breaks through!

Ominous music begins playing. Boss approaches from secret corridor! Helga equips Hulk Handshake mk. I. "Hi, I'm Darren. You wanted to see me?" Ok, Helga, be assertive! "Hi, I'm Helga." Wait, not that assertive. "I mean Livi. Olivia. Olivia Paige. Pleased to meet you. Again. Do you remember me? I, uh, came in here once before with a resume." Boss seems lost in thought a moment. "Oh yes, I remember you for sure." Oh no. He remembers it all! Helga, hold ground! "Just wondering if you might have any opportunities available that have come up since." "Not yet, I'm afraid, but I'll keep your resume in hand." "Thank you." Helga exits stadium as boss returns to secret corridor.


- Helga.