L had a day off today. Actually so did the D, but his idea of a day off is so much like a day on that I don't count him. During the week, he fixes cars. When he has a day off, he fixes cars. They say don't mix hobbies and work, but hey it seems to work for him. Anyway, today was a LOP kind of day, with a side-serving of DM. By that I mean the twelfth and I spent some soul-sister time, and the M underwent some artistic mechanical conversion therapy hyperconjunction. I don't even know. All I know is we were to get paint. So we did.

But first, of course, sodas. Now L and I seem to have this telepathic communication with one another when it comes to soda stalls. I guess she did have some radioactive contamination at some point with her hair and all, so we probably both got the same superpowers, but different ways. Anyhow, we were passing this stall, and so we stalled. At exactly the same time, and I said first, stupendable! She said hypertastic! I said superdub! She said wondergrok. At this point the stall owner was looking at us pretty intently, undoubtedly wishing for us to purchase some of his house-made sodas, so we did. I order the hypertastic grapemelon fizz, she ordered the watermelon, and said that it was wondergrok. We rambled over to another stall selling chicken nearby, and I thought to myself now well this all seems strangely and unpleasantly familiar somehow. Then my eyes went up to the banner above: TERIYAKI CHICKEN. L said Livi are you alright? I said we'll know when I've tasted the thing. So we both bought one and did not get sick. Also, it did not taste overwhelmingly like the Dead Sea. I asked him for a recipe, but he said that it was secret. It made me feel a bit better knowing that the way to make proper teriyaki was a highly guarded affair. We thanked him and left off.

I said we should probably pick up some paint now. L said yep we're coming right up to the store in a couple blocks. So we kept walking for a while until we reached the store, and entered in. It was a hardware-ish style store full of tools. Mostly me, I am told, by the first aid officer there. So we went around looking for safe paints (whatever that is) all the while avoiding cupboard corners. Eventually we came across some powdered paint which I am told is used for line marking. I said to him, but if you hold the brush straight enough, can't any paint do that? Apparently they can't. It's like a rectoval. But he said it was good for grass. So we asked how many shades of blue it came in, and we were told they could mix up as many as we liked. I said can we see the color chips? He said sure, and handed them to me. I said ah yep I think I know the ones we need.

24 "Iceberg", 47 "Ship on the Ocean".

- Livi.