We were driving home from the shops when the I noticed we had been having full sun all day. I said this to Mary, and she said she was glad because there were no more storms the last while. I said it also means that spring is on the way, and I thought of all the flowers, and what it must be like in the Falls. Even in the city, spring was the season I most looked forward to, so it must be even better out here. I said this to Mary, and she said that she liked flowers. She said you don't seem bubbly anymore, Livi. I said no I'm not bubbly, in a car way, Mary, I'm back to my old self. Or new self, not sure. Mary said that's good Mom, now you can buy me paints. I said paints? What for? She said I'm feeling blue. I said oh that's not good. But she said that it was. So, I said, to clarify: feeling bubbly is a bad thing, but feeling blue is good? She said oh yes for sure.

Now I was stumped, until I asked her again about the paints, and she said she wanted tubes in aquamarine, teal, deep ocean, and sky. Then I realized what she meant by feeling blue. Humans, I think, call this feeling creative. Cars apparently do not. So I said oh well alright Mary I'm happy to buy some, but for goodness sake how are you going to paint? She said not to worry, she had talked to Dylan, and he had a couple of solutions. So immediately I began worrying.

I said Mary I'm not sure this is a great idea, but you'll need somewhere that you can paint, I know we said the field, but I'm not even sure of that. What if the paint is bad for the ground, or something? She said she would talk to Dylan about what paint to use.

So, there you have it. I am now raising an artist. Do I have to go out and buy palette knives and berets?

- Livi.