It was twelve o'clock, and I was seated in church, when suddenly the bells started to ring. What was even more amazing is that our church doesn't have any bells. And then some invisible drummer joined in, and then a saxophone, and last of all a guitar. I turned around to view our new and improved church band.


After the service I decided to have a biscuit and tea. Well, half a biscuit. I said to L, my what a lovely coat of paint this room has, and she agreed. Then I talked to D-man for a bit, and also Susan. Kingsley was nowhere to be found. I asked the S, and she said he had a cold, and also a fever. I said aren't those two things opposites? She said hmm I guess so. I said it's like when people say I have a temperature. Well like my Scotch professor said, heat is a form of energy, and the universe is full of energy, so we all have temperature. He also liked to eat chip sandwiches.

You know, if you were to ask me what else I talked about with who, I wouldn't be able to tell you. What I can tell you is that I really enjoyed talking with them. They're family. I guess it's like eating a meal, sometimes you don't quite remember the next week what you ate, but it's definitely nourished you, since your heart's still kicking. Maybe that's why your ribs hurt. But I think sometimes sermons are like that too. I don't think the point of them is that if you can remember what the pastor said on January the 26th, last year. I think the point of them is like a meal. It makes you grow. Sometimes family is like that. You can't exactly remember what you did, sometimes just the sweetest thing is being with them, because you know you always will be. That's why believers are called forever family.

- Livi.